A155 Rechargeable WiFi Baby Monitor


· Indoors :Portable place anywhere want to monitor, such as: living room, bedroom,and so on.
· Outdoors: Portable and take it out with you anywhere you need monitoring, such as : picnic, travelling, boat, and so on.

Unique Features

· Micro Power 3.7V 50mA, keep 24-hours monitoring (shooting),no standby time.
· Rechargeable battery, long lifetime continuously working for 4-5days after fully charged.
· HD 4.0MP, high resolution 2560X1440, clear images & videos.
· AI Motion Detection with deep learning system, detection distance 0-20M.
· Exclusive AI Playback retrieval, automatically filter invariable images, intelligently fix position there‘s person intrusion or body moving images.
· Alluminium alloy housing with Mini portable body.
· Connect with 4G network, portable indoor & outdoor, place anywhere you want to monitor.
· More clear images, more fluent videos.