WAXI is a high-tech enterprise committed to promoting the continuous innovation and breakthrough in video camera field. We focus on innovation and application promotion in core technology field, in order to bring disruptive product experience to global customers. Let innovation change life, let technology surpass imagination!


Our company's technological breakthrough and innovation in the core areas such as micro power video processor and 360-degree panoramic camera which will completely change the current situation of video camera products. The power consumption of our company's micro power video processor products is about 20% of the similar products, and the battery working time can reach 5 times of the similar products. The monitoring series products equipped with this processor can achieve no electricity, no network, and no need professional installation, no on-site maintenance, greatly reduces the cost of installation, use and maintenance of security monitoring products.


The panoramic camera video processing technology developed by the company has image distortion equivalent to that of a pan-tilt camera, and the viewing angle range is greater than 220 degrees, which can achieve 360-degree panoramic shooting without dead angle. Compared with ordinary pan-tilt cameras, it has a wider shooting angle, can monitor all directions at the same time, and have simple mechanical structure and long service life. This product will bring comprehensive technological innovations in the fields of security, vehicle cameras, law enforcement cameras, etc., and has a bright market prospect.


WAXI will continue to create new experiences for customers, give higher value to products, lead the direction of technological innovation, and seek breakthroughs for industry development!